As a Make up Artist first for Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, and eventually INGLOT, I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience.  Working with some very talented make-up artists, I suddenly had a whole Aladdin’s cave of makeup to practise with. Customers from all different races and backgrounds wanted my advice and I was there to try out different looks on them until they were perfect. The other make-up artists I worked with there gave me the boost I needed to do test-shoots to get a strong portfolio and customers became regular clients.

I did a couple of weddings and realised that this is what I love doing the most. On my own wedding day, I did my own make-up that had to last as it was in 32 degree Ibiza sun. Prior to my wedding, I came into INGLOT every day wearing different bridal looks to try. I became a bit obsessive over the ‘perfect bridal look’ until I nailed it.

I now use this knowledge and personal understanding when I’m doing a bridal trial. It’s about finding the balance between looking like you’re not wearing much make-up and looking your very best on your wedding day. You want that Cinderella moment, where you look more beautiful than usual, but not overly made up. I think I’ve found that balance, and over the years I’ve picked up so much knowledge about the type of products to use for weddings and how much of them to use to make brides look amazing in photographs.


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