One of my best friends is getting married!  Woohoo!  She was my bridesmaid three years ago and now she’s going to be a beautiful bride.  She’s always been one of those very pretty girls who doesn’t need a lot of makeup, though I always say it does pay to get your makeup done professionally for photos etc, so I will be doing a trial nearer the time.  Although I’m not going to be bridesmaid, my little girl is going to be a flowergirl!  Aged two!  This excites me a bit more than being bridesmaid, it’s all the fun without the responsibility after all.  I can’t help but get involved with the planning and so this post is dedicated to one of my favourite things to look at…paperless invitations.

Obviously cheaper than paper, paperless invitations can easily be accessed by guests from a smartphone or tablet.  Paperless Post have so many options to choose from and I love that they use names on their example invitations like ‘Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy’ and ‘Daisy Fay and Thomas Buchanan’ (although I am team Jay Gatsby, myself). The invitation that stands out most to me is this one:

wedding makeup london

I do like traditional wedding invitations and I love that there are seven different colours to choose from.  Like with wedding makeup, you can’t go wrong with traditional and it’s something that won’t date when you look back on it.  I’m not sure if my friend will go paperless or not, but I’m guessing she will as she’s very environmentally aware, which is just another reason to go paperless.


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