Beach wedding invitation ideas

Autumn wedding season is upon us, and it always gets me nostalgic about when I got engaged.  Nine months before the wedding, my fiance and I found the perfect place.  There was a magic moment as we both revealed to each other the exact same venue.  The only problem was, would everyone want to come all the way to Ibiza?

We were relieved when most friends and family said they would make our wedding a prolonged holiday, so as soon as we booked the dream venue we set about finding invitations.

We found that ‘Save the Date‘ post is a must if you want people to come to a wedding abroad.  To get these out as soon as possible, Paperless Post is great.  Sent straight to email, you don’t have to wait for paper invitations and the design like in my inspiration gallery above is perfect for an Ibiza wedding.

Send out beach wedding invitations during the winter, again giving guests plenty of time to book hotels, car hire etc.  We wanted our wedding to be elegant, with a beautiful background, which actually looks very much like the painting in the invitation above.

A question I get asked a lot is, ‘Did you do your own makeup?’ Yes I did!  Here’s one of my favourite photos of our wedding day:Ibiza Photography - Nikki & Laura (298)


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