How to go swimming and still have good hair

I like swimming.  It makes me feel like a child again, as I used to spend a lot of time in the water when I was little.  To me, it doesn’t feel like exercise at all, it just feels like play.  There’s one thing that’s always put me off swimming as an adult – the HAIR.

I’ve got a vivid memory of my mum combing a whole bottle of leave-in conditioner through my hair one holiday when I was about nine after a day in the hotel pool.  That was before I had highlights and actually had stuff to do.

Thank goodness we have the Tangleteezer – no more drama.

I went swimming for the first time post-preggers last week.  I was intent on not letting the hair get the better of me as I really need to do some cardiovascular exercise that’s gentle on my poor body.

So what did I do?  I got it wrong, ’tis what.

Firsty, I put my hair in two french plaits.  My husband just laughed when he saw me and called me Princess Laia.  I did get a few ‘oi-oi’s from some builders on my way to the pool, but I was determined to keep the braids in as I thought it’d be the perfect way to keep every hair in place.  Not the case.  Every hair of the first layer got into my face as I did the front crawl, which made me inhale water.  I got angry and resentful as I had to keep using my goggles strap to tuck my hair into.

So, the lesson is, either, put your hair in a bun, or, wear a swimming hat!  They’ve got some very stylish ones online.  I like the look of the turban swimming hat, which I intend to wear before I get to the pool next time.  I can also use it as a kind of social experiment with the builders too to see if they ‘oi-oi’ at a woman in a turban.

Now, post-pool.  This bit is important.  We mentioned the Tangleteezer earlier – this is an essential, but if you haven’t got one yet, a comb is fine, it will just take longer and be more painful.  Whatever you do, don’t use a hairbrush – it’ll wreck your hair.  Now for a big-up of my favourite post-swim and all holiday long shampoo and conditioner:

Charles Worthington Sunshine collection

I’ve been using it for years and have always had great holiday hair.  I pray they never discontinue it.  It washes out all the chlorine and has UV protection.  For the British swim I just use the shampoo and conditioner.  The spray is an optional extra if you want to protect your hair from the sun further.  I just wear a hat.  It’s more stylish and keeps the sun off of my face too.


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