3 ways to make your lipstick last

You’ve found the perfect lip colour, you’re all excited and purchase said lip colour. You get home, put it on, feel amazing…you look in the mirror after lunch, and just feel silly. Your lipstick is now a blurred line around your mouth and you realise you’ve been talking to your lunch partner like this for 45 minutes. Don’t throw your lipstick love away just yet, because you can always…

1) Use Lipcote.  I offer this to all of my brides to ensure the lipstick stays on her and only her. The see-through topcoat feels vile when you put it on; you will feel like you’ve just tried to burn your lips off with paint thinner, but that sensation goes away quickly. Once it does, it keeps your lipstick on, just like it says on the tin.  Apply your lipstick as normal, then paint the Lipcote on and keep your lips apart until it dries.

2. Translucent powder.  My favourite is Inglot 3S (Stage, Studio, Sport) powder in 301.  It makes anything matte, so can be used on the face as well as the lips.  You can visibly see the oil coming off onto the brush when you apply it, so you know it won’t bother you later.  302 is for yellow skintones and 303 is for black skins.  It comes in a pressed or a loose form.  For keeping lipstick on, I prefer the loose version.

3. Go for a matte lipstick, like Inglot’s AMC lip pencils.


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