Is it worth using a foundation primer?

Primer never used to be an essential. You hardly ever saw it on the shelves in the Boots beauty department and we definitely didn’t get taught about it at make-up school. Is it really worth using?

I say yes. Without realising it, I’d been using a foundation primer even before it was labelled such. It came in the form of Clarins Beaute Eclair (Beauty Flash Balm). I got given it as a present and when I put it on, it just made me feel better. I wasn’t wearing foundation then, but a bit of this stuff just made me skin look and feel so soft and silky and I couldn’t stop looking at it.

Using a primer for your wedding day is so important. You really want your foundation to look flawless and to stay on longer, so priming your face is another layer to lock in your makeup.

For bridal use, I tend to stay away from primers with a built in SPF, as it can react with the flash so badly the bride ends up looking rather white. On a sunny day it’s worth keeping your face in the shade for most of the time to look your very best in those photographs.

I do, however, recommend an SPF-included primer for every day apart from your wedding day. Just remember to switch over on that one day.


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