The Best Version of Yourself

What does it mean exactly, to look like the ‘best version of yourself’?

You see this on many a make-up artist’s advertisement, that they’ll make you look like your ‘best version’.  I thought I’d delve into this a little bit deeper from a make-up artist’s point of view.

Everyone has something about themselves they don’t like the look of.  Over the years, I’ve managed to change these aspects of myself with make-up.  I like my lashes big, bold and black, my eyebrows defined but not overdrawn and my nude lipstick to be lighter than my lips.  I don’t like the way eyeliner makes may eyes look smaller and how foundation the colour of my actual skin looks washed out.  I know these things because I’ve spent years achieving them.  This is how I like my face.

For a make-up artist, all of these personal make-up tweaks need to be taken into account, which is why I do not make every bride look the same.  Before we start a make-up trial, often a bride will say, “my husband doesn’t like make-up”, even though she wears it daily.  What I think she means is, “don’t make me look too different”, which is very important.  You want your husband to marry the woman he is in love with, not someone else.

I like to talk brides about your usual make-up.  If you usually wear flicky eyeliner, why not try it for your wedding?  Can you not live without bronzer?  Let’s crack open that bottle of St Tropez (the night before, of course) and the Benefit Hoola.  Not all brides have to follow that ‘fresh-faced English rose’ look that you so often see.

A good make-up artist will know exactly want you want to do with your face.  They’ll look at your favourite lipstick and find a way to make it last all day.  They’ll help make your eyeliner the best it can look.  What they won’t do is suggest something that’s completely not you on the day when you most want to look the best version of yourself



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