How to choose a make-up artist


When my sister in law got married I had to pull out of doing her make-up as I was near my baby’s due date and the wedding was a 5 hour drive away from the hospital.  I knew I had to make it up to her by finding a decent make-up artist to replace myself.  In the end we found someone very good and everyone was happy, but it took a bit of a journey to get there.

The important thing to consider is there’s not just one important thing to consider.  What makes a good make-up artist?  Is it how many years experience they have?  How good their testimonials are?  Whether or not you like their photos?  How much you are willing to pay?

When you’re at that browsing stage, a make-up artist’s portfolio or image gallery will give you an idea of our skills.  When looking, remember that the make-up artist probably didn’t have much input into the photo as a whole.  Therefore, look away from what the person in the photo is wearing (someone else probably chose the outfit, not the make-up artist), the hair (unless the make-up artist is also a hair stylist) and the quality of the photo itself (he or she is probably not the one taking the photo, either).  What it is important to look for in a photo is:

Blending capability – can the make-up artist blend?  Does everything look seamless?  This is what you’re going for.  A make-up artist should be able to blend properly.

Lipstick application – lipstick should look perfect, whatever that means to you.

Does the colour of the person’s face match their body? – This is so important and something a lot of make-up artists get wrong.  Most people’s faces are paler than the rest of the body and the make-up artist should do what he or she can to balance this out.

Testimonials are always good, but not always reliable as everyone has different tastes.  I thought I’d found a make-up artist for my sis in law based solely on recommendation.  It turned out to be a disaster.  When I saw the trial photo I knew instantly that the make-up artist had one ‘look’ that she probably used on everybody.  It looked like it had come out of a beauty guide form the 1990’s and didn’t suit my sister in law’s complexion at all.

That make-up artist and the other before that had both been ridiculously cheap.  I’m not exaggerating when I say one of them was going to charge as much for her services as she would have spent on the taxi to the venue and back.  It turned out her products and her style were out of date.

The artist we finally chose was  a lot more expensive, but she was decent, professional and made everyone feel at ease.  Her products were top quality and her knowledge was sound.  She made my sister in law feel amazing.  If your make-up artist can do this, you’ve found the one.



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